Arizona Bill Ensures Verified Elections


Do you want to gamble with your vote? A slot machine is far more secure than our voting system.

We have a chance to make voting in Arizona more secure. SB 1557 is now being considered by the Arizona legislature. Write your local Representatives and Senator, and tell them to support this bill.

You can also write to the committee members who will be determinative in getting this bill out of committee and to the floor for a straight up or down vote:,,,,

Graphic courtesy of the Washington Post.


  1. I have better luck on slot machines than I do voting machines. When in Las Vegas I stay at Luxor, and am very lucky at the slots,having over 10 machines runing at once with a crowd formed behind me is usually how it goes, as I have been known to play for over 12 hours straight with-out using any of my own money.
    I was a Inspector at many polling places for many years,and what an experience,not with the voters or the machines but with my polling workers,who usually can’t see the polling lists or how to handle paper ballots. After the polls close it is quite a feat to secure the ballots and paper ballots,as well as get the ballots to the Recorders Office.