Arizona’s census data released

By Craig McDermott, cross-posted from Random Musings

I'm still sorting through the data – it's available on the Census website as three very large zipped files and is a bit of a pain in the _ _ _ to work with.

However, Ronald Hansen of the Arizona Republic already has a story up.  It contains some bad news for Russell Pearce and his fellow travelers.

From the story –
Soaring numbers of Hispanics and overall growth in Phoenix and the West Valley helped make Arizona the second-fastest growing state in the nation, newly released census data show.
Arizona had nearly 1.9 million Hispanic residents as of April 1, 2010, and their share of the overall population rose to 29.6 percent. It was 25.3 percent in 2000. The total count of Hispanics rose by nearly 600,000 over the decade.

Oopsie.  Maybe it's time for SB1070 and its siblings to come back and bite the Rs in the butt.

Anyway, an interactive map with some top-level data, courtesy the Census Bureau –

The complete data files can be found here; if you go that route, read the "readme" file (aka – the directions) and visit the Census Bureau's "Tech Tips" site here.

Total population, by county (courtesy the U.S. Census Bureau)

Percent change, by county (Courtesy the U.S. Census Bureau)
More analysis later…

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  1. I just moved to Arizona recently (Yuma) and found your site not too long ago. It is definitely helpful in keeping up with the craziness that has been going on around here! Just wanted to point out, though I’m sure you’ve already used it as well, that is a little easier to use for those that don’t want to download the raw data files and it has the 2010 data up as well. It has definitely improved upon the original Factfinder website, though trying to navigate that amount of data is challenging no matter how you do it. Keep up the good work! Thanks!