Arizona’s twin embarrassments endorse the Accidental Governor

Posted by AzBlueMeanie:


This should make it easy for voters — if these guys endorse a candidate, vote for the other guy.

Arizona's twin embarrassments, Sens. Jon Kyl and John McCain have endorsed the Accidental Governor in the GOP primary. Arizona Capitol Times » McCain, Kyl endorse Brewer:

McCain is quoted in the statement as saying Brewer has consistently “stood up” for Arizona on such issues as border security and health care.

Kyl said in the joint statement that Brewer, in Kyl’s words, “has shown courage in fighting for the rights of Arizonans.”

Brewer previously endorsed McCain in his re-election bid.

Three career politicians (McCain- 1982, Brewer – 1982, Kyl – 1987) endorsing one anothers continued ineptitude in office. It's like a freakin' fraternity of failures.

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