Ask Governor Brewer to veto SB 1108


Posted by AzBlueMeanie:

Earlier this week I posted about Senate Bill 1108, a bill that would eliminate the requirement that foster families fully immunize their own children. When ideology endangers public health – call your state representatives. The bill passed on a 33-24 party-line vote in the Tea-Publican-controlled House, but it wasn’t enough of a margin to tack an emergency clause onto the bill that would have it take effect immediately if the governor signs it.

Today the Arizona Republic editorializes that Governor Jan Brewer should veto SB 1108. I agree. Junk science can harm foster kids:

Kill-bill-vol-1 Lawmakers were wrong to ease vaccination rules for potential foster parents.

Plain wrong.

They caved to people who believe junk science.

Arizona has a duty to protect the children who come into foster care.

Yet lawmakers passed a bill that forbids the Department of Economic Security from requiring people to immunize their own children before they become licensed as foster parents.

This reverses a smart rule that existed to protect foster children.

Foster infants who are too young to be vaccinated and older children who might not have been vaccinated by neglectful or abusive parents should not be sent to live in homes where other children are not immunized against horrible diseases such as polio and whooping cough.

Yes, we know. Some parents may have legitimate medical reasons for not immunizing their own children.

If so, they should not become foster parents. They can find some other way to help the child-welfare system.

But let’s face it: It’s something of a fad for parents to reject vaccinations for their children based on goofy ideas spread via the Internet.

The alleged “dangers” of vaccinations against childhood diseases have been debunked by the real scientists of modern medicine.

It’s a shame if parents choose not to protect their own children from infectious diseases that used to kill and cripple many children.

It’s a dereliction of duty for the state to put foster kids in homes where they are risk.

The governor should veto SB 1108.

Contact Governor Jan Brewer and insist that she veto this "junk science" bill.

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