Is It a Joe Manchin Problem Or Is It a Billionaire, Centrist Democrat and Not Enough True Activism Problem?

Joe Manchin is taking a well-deserved beating in the press. Undoubtedly, he could not care less. Still, it’s nice to see journalists, including our own AZBlueMeanie, take Manchin to task for his cynicism. But are we kidding ourselves believing that Manchin is the real problem here? “The only pathway out of the nightmare we are … Read more

It’s Been Too Long

Hey BfAZ readers, I thought I’d drop in after way, way too long. I’ve been focused entirely on federal tax policy work full-time, having wound down my law practice. That work continues, but it’s time to re-engage here in Arizona as well. I’m hoping to write more in the coming months and also get back involved … Read more

Must Read for Arizona Progressives: Dignity by Fire

A few weeks ago, I got an unexpected call from an old friend, Randy Parraz, to tell me about the 10-year anniversary celebration of the Russel Pearce recall campaign. He also asked that I try to read his new book about the recall, Dignity by Fire, beforehand. If you’re an Arizona progressive, you’ll love this … Read more