As Maricopa County School Superintendent, Jeanne Casteen wants all Children to have the same Educational Opportunities

Eleventh Year Teacher and Creighton School Board Member President Jeanne Casteen has announced her candidacy for the Democratic nomination to run to be the next Maricopa County School Superintendent. Running on a program of school funding increases and “equity” across Maricopa County, “educating the whole child” in their social and emotional, as well as academic … Read more

Arizona House Democrats unveil Budget that Moves the State Forward.

With union members from Arizona Pipe Trade Branch 466 in attendance, House Democrats in the Arizona State Legislature, led by Minority Leader Charlene Fernandez, unveiled a budget proposal in the Capital that “invests in all Arizonans and working families.” Unlike the Senate Budget ideas that were leaked last week, this proposal is more aligned with … Read more

Proclaiming It is time for a Teacher, Eric Kurland enters the race for a House Seat in LD 23, pledging to “Invest in our Kids.”

Over 150 people attended the May 5, 2019 kickoff of the Eric Kurland campaign for one of the State House Seats in Legislative District 23. Among the guests at the event, hosted by Kurland supporter Pinny Sheoran, were Maricopa County Democratic Chair Steven Slugocki, newly elected Legislative District 17 State Representative Jennifer Pawlik, 2018 State … Read more

Do not let the Enemy of the People rewrite History and obstruct Justice.

Today, the Enemy of the People and Obstructionist in Chief, posing as the Senate Majority Leader had the gall to say that the case was closed in reference to the Mueller Investigation. He then went on to criticize the Democrats for being partisan and blame the Obama Administration for ineffective leadership when Russia and its … Read more

Putting Children First. Some Arizona State Republican Legislators do not think so.

Improving and Increasing enrollment in Kids Care? Nah. Investing in Pre K through University Education? No way. Housing Assistance for the lower middle class and poor? Just a handout for the lazy. Tax Cuts for the affluent? That is the ticket to sustainable prosperity as alternative history and disproven facts have proven time and time … Read more