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Long-time blogger and political activist, Pamela Powers Hannley holds a masters’ degree in public health from the University of Arizona and a bachelors’ degree in journalism from the Ohio State University. She has worked for many years in communications and public relations. Powers Hannley stepped down from her position as the managing editor of the American Journal of Medicine to serve Legislative District 9 in the Arizona House. Powers Hannley won her seat in November 2016 and won her re-election bid in 2018. She continues to work part-time social media editor for the journal. In addition to Blog for Arizona, she writes her own blog, The The Tucson Progressive and has contributed political stories to the Huffington Post. Powers Hannley is co-director of Arizonans for a New Economy, Arizona’s public banking initiative. Political website: PowersForThePeople.net Facebook Page: Pamela Powers Hannley for House Tucson Progressive on Facebook: Tucson Progressive Twitter handle: @p2hannley Instagram: p2hannley

August 2012

Arizona Democratic Party primary candidates battle to the finish line

By |2012-08-28T12:30:00-07:00August 28th, 2012|AZ Congressional Delegation, Immigration|

Social media was on fire yesterday, as Arizona Democratic candidates and their surrogates battled it out on Twitter, Facebook, and e-mail blasts.

Although Arizona voters have had nearly a month to complete early mail-in ballots, August 28 is primary election day, and there are several hotly contested Democratic primary races between Blue Dogs and progressives. Some common themes run through these races, most notably the environment, the economy, campaign financing, and women's issues. In addition, some Latino groups are using support for two controversial laws as a litmus test-- SB1070, the "papers please" anti-immigrant law, and HB2281, the law targeting Mexican American Studies (MAS).

Race analysis after the jump.

Will the Open Primaries initiative be on the Nov 2012 ballot or not? (video)

By |2012-08-24T17:44:00-07:00August 24th, 2012|Civil & Human Rights, Courts & Law|

by Pamela Powers Hannley

Backers of the Open Primaries initiative knew from the beginning that changing Arizona's two-party primary system to an open, "top two" primary system wouldn't be easy. They expected challenges from Democrats and Republicans, and that's what they got.

Earlier in the summer, Governor Jan Brewer and the Arizona Legislature tinkered around with ideas to change or stop it. Secretary of State Ken Bennett tried to stop it by saying that it was unconsitutionally broad, but the courts squashed his attack. 

As of mid-August, Open Primaries was back on the ballot, until this week, when Maricopa County said that there were an extraordinary number of bad signatures.

The latest news is that the Open Primaries/Open Government folks have filed a suit to get the initiative back on the ballot. Supporters claim that Maricopa County erroneously rejected.

Stay tuned for the next volley in this ping pong game.

For more background on the Open Primaries initiative-- just in case you actually get to vote on it-- check out the video debate between former State Rep. Dr. Ted Downing (pro) and former Mayor Tom Volgy (con). The event was sponsored by Progressive Democrats of American Tucson Chapter.

Videos after the jump.

Democratic & Republican conventions: Occupiers/protesters ready for delegates

By |2020-08-27T13:28:43-07:00August 23rd, 2012|Civil & Human Rights, Immigration, National Elections|


by Pamela Powers Hannley

Occupiers in Tampa, Florida and Charlotte, NC are gearing up for the deluge of politicians, dignitaries, convention delegates, journalists, and other protesters who are about to descend upon their cities.

The Republican National Convention (RNC) will be held in Tampa will be August 27-30. The Democratic National Convention (DNC) will be held in Charlotte (AKA Wall Street of the South) from September 3-6.

With their anti-women, anti-any-color-but-white, anti-immigrant, anti-middle class, anti-gay, anti-union... OK... anti-99% agenda, the RNC offers a fertile field for protests from the rest of us. With Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan on the ticket, the Republicans have cemented their place in history as the party of the 1%. 

Occupy Tampa is one of the few Occupations with tents on the ground, and they plan to be camping-- and protesting-- during the RNC.

More hints about what will be happening outside the convention halls, after the jump.

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