Authoritarian Tea-Publicans want you to relinquish your Voter Protection Act


Authoritarian Tea-Publicans in our lawless Tea-Publican legislature really dislike citizens initiatives and referendums — a right you possess as a citizen of this state to enact laws as a super-legislature under the Arizona Constitution — because you people make it difficult for them to carry out God’s law, as they see it.

LunaticsThey were divinely selected by God, not the voters of this state (you were only carrying out God’s preordained plan), to lord over us all.

This is only a mild distortion of the Calvinist  doctrine of particular election (the teaching that some people are chosen by God for salvation ) and the rest of us shall receive our  just punishment, eternal damnation, for our transgressions of God’s law.

So who are we mere sinners voters to tell God’s elected representatives what to do? How dare we enact a Voter Protection Act to protect ourselves from our divinely selected representatives and God’s law? Blasphemy! Infidels!

Now our lawless Tea-Publican legislature wants you to vote to relinquish your rights and to surrender all your constitutional powers to them. Senate panel OKs changes to law enactments:

A Senate panel voted Tuesday to ask voters to give up some of their rights to enact — and, more to the point, preserve — their own laws.

HCR 2043 (.pdf) would effectively overturn a 1998 voter-approved constitutional provision [the Voter Protection Act] that says once a measure is approved at the ballot it can be overturned only with a three-fourths vote of both the House and Senate. And even with that margin, they cannot repeal what voters have enacted but can approve only changes that “further the purpose” of the underlying measure.

Rep. J.D. Mesnard, R-Chandler (this tool again), said lawmakers need the ability to react when situations change.

* * *

Mesnard said his proposal, if approved in November, would not provide a carte blanche for a majority of lawmakers to undo voter proposals on a “willy-nilly” basis.

It says lawmakers could enact changes only if they get the same margin as the original measure. So if the initiative got 55 percent of the popular vote, it would take 33 of 60 House members to override and 17 of 30 senators.

Sierra Club lobbyist Sandy Bahr said organizations like hers go to the ballot because the Republican-controlled Legislature has repeatedly failed to respond to things that people want[.] . . . She suggested that there would be fewer incidents of voters deciding to take things into their own hands if lawmakers would work in a bipartisan fashion.

That drew a skeptical response from Sen. Nancy Barto, R-Phoenix.

“Bipartisanship is not always a good thing,” she said. “And a compromise reached is not always beneficial to the citizens.”

Spoken like a true authoritarian who despises constitutional democracy and voters.

Whatever you do, do not surrender your constitutional rights and powers to these authoritarian Tea-Publicans. Vote this measure down if it appears on the ballot, then hold these lawless Tea-Publicans accountable by voting them out of office. Stop the insanity!


  1. Bi-partisanship is not always a good thing if your goal is a one party dictatorship of ALEC. Right Gina Cobb? Why did YOU vote for this disaster? For shame!

  2. Again, another good editorial in the NYT this morning on what is happening in Poland. Pay attention because this is the same strategy that Republicans are deploying here in many states. Democracy only works if you comply. When voters stop paying attention then democracies fail.

  3. just stop electing republicans. especially ones that are from the eastern part of the state, and belong to a certain cult

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