AWPC Legislative Unwrap Brown Bag Lunch


Posted by AzBlueMeanie:

Announcement from the Arizona Women's Political Caucus:


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If you haven't already RSVP'd there's still time email or call Amy at 520-406-2421

We look forward to seeing you there!


  1. About 35 people at lunch today to hear from 5 of the women legislators (State Senator Dalessandro was absent). They confirmed that SB 1062 was a “terrible” bill, passed under the “guise of religious freedom”, and to call Governor Brewer to try to stop her from signing it. Also several of the legislators said that HB 2379 (defunding the public libraries) is “effectively dead” in committee. Rep. Steele called their group “fighting women warriors” and each spoke of their particular interests. Rep. Mach spoke about educational investment, CPS restructuring/funding, and disability language. Steele spoke of two E.R.A. bills, HURF funding, youth mental health first aid, drug treatment for prisoners. Rep. Gabaldon talked about ADEQ water refunding, Mexico/US border relations & transportation, childhood obesity, car decals for 1st responders. Senator Cajero Bedford spoke of election reform, workers’ “return to work” bill, and is seeking her 8th term in House/Senate. Rep. Gonzales reported on the Reform & Human Services Committee trying to cap AHCCCS, push through inspections of abortion clinics & parental consent; need for drug rehabilitation and CPS reform. Clerk of the Superior Court Toni Hellon also present.

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