AZ Budget time: Whoo! Whoooo! The AZ lege has this railroad running with a full head of steam…


By Craig McDermott, cross-posted from Random Musings

and aimed straight at Arizona’s education system

The package of budget bills has been posted on the lege’s website, they are undergoing committee consideration in the chambers’ respective Appropriations committees (where they will most likely be approved with party-line votes), and they are scheduled for Rules Committee rubber stamping tomorrow (Senate/House).

Setting them up for floor action on Friday, three days after the budget was revealed to the public.  The rush seems to be an attempt to get the budget passed before the public can organize against it.

The only brake on this railroad, possibly, is the rumor that there is a group of Rs in the Senate who aren’t on board the train.  From the Twitter feed of Brahm Resnik, political reporter for Phoenix channel 12 –

Having said that, expectations are that the “stealth” budget will be a “done” budget by Saturday.

Links to bills after the jump.

The budget bills (only linking to the House version, in the interest of time):

General Appropriations – HB2671/SB1469

Capital Outlay – HB2672/SB1470

Revenue Budget Reconciliation Bill (BRB) – HB2673/SB1471

Budget Procedures – HB2674/SB1472

Government BRB – HB2675/SB1473

Environment BRB – HB2676/SB1474

Health BRB – HB2677/SB1475

K-12 Education BRB – HB2683/SB1476

Higher Education BRB – HB2679/SB1477

Criminal Justice BRB – HB2680/SB1478

Human Services BRB – HB2681/SB1479

Agency Consolidation BRB – HB2682/SB1480

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  1. Craig, thanks so much for the excellent work you do covering the legislature. I have found it invaluable for years. 🙂

  2. Horrible, terrible!! Ram it down their throats before anyone knows what it is. The tea party governing method. Putin would be proud. Not one ounce of democratic process in it.

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