AZ House GOP delegation votes to maintain the Trump swamp of conflicts of interest and corruption


Democrats have forced seven votes in as many weeks on the House floor on resolutions calling for Donald Trump’s tax returns, all of which were defeated along party lines. An eighth vote failed this week. House GOP rebuffs bill to release Trump tax returns and visitor logs.

Our Arizona House GOP delegation, including the local media’s invention of the mythical moderate Republican Rep. Martha McSally, have consistently voted to maintain the Trump swamp of conflicts of interest and corruption by rejecting any transparency and public disclosure.

The Arizona Daily Star reports, Capitol link: How members of Congress from Arizona voted on major issues:

Disclosure of Trump Tax Returns: The House on April 26 blocked, 234-191, a parliamentary attempt by Democrats to force floor debate on a bill now in committee that would require presidents and major-party presidential candidates to disclose their tax returns for the preceding three years. A yes vote was to quash the Democratic bid for disclosure. (H Res 275)

Yes: McSally, Gosar, Biggs, Schweikert, Franks

No: O’Halleran, Grijalva, Gallego, Sinema

Congressional Oversight of President Trump: Voting 230-193, the House on April 27 blocked a Democratic bid for floor debate on a measure now in committee that would start congressional oversight of ethics and conflict-of-interest issues involving President Trump, in areas ranging from the public disclosure of official visitor logs to overlaps between the president’s business holdings and official acts. A yes vote was to quash the Democratic measure during debate on H Res 280.

Yes: McSally, Gosar, Biggs, Schweikert, Franks

No: O’Halleran, Grijalva, Gallego, Sinema

The Five Thirty Eight congressional tracker today shows that the mythical moderate Republican Martha McSally after 100 days is still standing by her man (musical accompaniment) Donald Trump 100% of the time. I think it’s time for our local media to accept the reality that McSally is a committed Trumpster.

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  1. A remarkable 96 percent of Trump voters say they would vote for him again, and only 15 percent of Hillary voters would still vote for her.

    Keep screaming.

    • I’ve seen the first statistic, although it’s on the higher end of what I’ve seen – I’ve seen 85%, 93%, and 96% in different polls.

      Care to cite a source on the second? That’s a wild and extraordinary claim that requires a lot of evidence before I believe it.

    • A cult of personality and GOP tribalism proves what exactly? That you are committed to authoritarianism and the end of democracy?

  2. So, a couple of days ago I’m trolling Moderate Martha’s Facebook TL and I see this post:
    Rep. Martha McSally
    April 27 at 2:55pm

    “In America, lawmakers are not above the law. Members of Congress should be treated no differently than other Americans struggling to afford health care. Today I introduced a measure that would prevent Members of Congress from exempting themselves from the American Health Care Act (AHCA). Representatives should have to abide by the very same options for coverage as their constituents, and anything short of that is simply hypocrisy. Congress must live by the rules it creates.”

    Moderate Martha, formerly Martha the Lion, is the new and improved representative of a district that went for Clinton in 2016. So, the task at hand is not to actually represent mostly Democratic and/or left leaning constituents but to CREATE THE PERCEPTION that she is representing them without actually doing so. We know, of course, that her Trump score to date is 100%. She toes the party line. Period.

    I will skip over the obvious lunacy of Moderate Martha praising herself because she tried to “fix” the latest version of Trumpcare (also known as Zombie Trumpcare). “Congress is not above the law blah blah blah”, cries Moderate Martha who intends to vote for any mutation of Trumpcare regardless of how many of her constituents lose their health insurance.

    It concerns me that there are people who will fall for this kind of DISHONESTY, pretending to represent people while kicking them off the platform into a moving train.

    I just hope that most people will recognize this hypocrisy and manipulation and give Moderate Martha the performance evaluation she deserves in 2018.

  3. I see no reason to drag Tammy Wynette into this.

    The GOP will be covering for Trump as long as they can because they have no morals.

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