AZ Republicans: With all of the state’s problems solved, time to move on to the feds, tribes, counties, municipalities and even HOAs

by Craig McDermott, cross-posted from Random Musings

…at least, that's the impression one might get from looking at the list of Sen. Frank Antenori's list of bill sponsorships and cosponsorships.

He, and they, have done such a thorough job of running the state into the ground addressing the fiscal issues  facing the state, that he, and they, have time for the following –

HB2478, mandating how much counties with a "population of more than one million persons" (aka – Maricopa and Pima counties) pay for healthcare of prisoners and children in their custody (cosponsor)

HB2484, mandating that county supervisors, when selecting a replacement to fill a legislative vacancy, choose the person who received the most votes of the relevant LD's precinct committeemen (PCs).  Current law is that the supes select one of the three names forwarded to them by those same PCs (cosponsor)

HCM2002, a postcard to Congress demanding that it remove the gray wolf from the Endangered Species List so that the states (like AZ) will have free rein to exterminate the species (cosponsor)

SB1136, allowing municipalities to annex lands owned by Native American tribes in order to prevent them from possibly operating a casino on them (cosponsor)

SB1178, telling the federal government to "butt out" of Arizona-located commerce, making it a felony for a federal agent/employee and a misdemeanor for a state agent/employee to enforce a federal law (or order, regulation, etc.) regarding such commerce (cosponsor)

SB1209, mandating that school districts post the salary of each of its employees on a website (sponsor)

SB1286, mandating that counties and municipalities approve or deny applications for permits within 60 days, otherwise those applications are deemed approved (cosponsor)

SB1322, mandating that city services be subject to a competitive bidding process, open to private contractors and city departments (originating sponsor)

SB1327, making the position of "City Manager" one where the incumbent is subject to removal from office by the voters of a municipality and eliminates severance packages for city managers (originating sponsor)

SB1330, seeking to minimize participation in early voting by requiring that early ballots be notarized (originating sponsor)

SB1334, barring, with certain exceptions, municipalities from regulating hunting within city limits (originating sponsor)

SB1335, reference title: "hunting at night; varmints".  OK, I admit, I just wanted to use the word "varmints" in a blog post.  :)  Antenori is the originating cosponsor, but something tells me that Granny Clampett may also be involved :))

SB1339, repealing any and all administrative rules that affect any part of the "private sector" (originating sponsor)

SB1343, specifying how much HOA's can charge for certain things (originating sponsor)

SB1345, capping the number of municipal employees and compensation in cities with a "population of more than five hundred thousand persons."  This would affect Phoenix, and Tucson and  possibly Mesa, depending on the outcome of the 2010 Census (originating sponsor)

SB1347, capping municipal compensation for one year, for the same sized cities as the above measure (originating cosponsor)

SCR1010, an amendment to the Arizona Constitution barring Arizona courts from considering the laws or precepts of other nations or cultures when rendering their decisions (sponsor)

SCR1016, calling for a federal Constitutional Convention to amend the U.S. Constitution to require approval of a majority of state legislatures before there is an increase in federal debt (cosponsor)

Given that the Arizona's official unemployment rate is 9.4% and the state's budget is still completely out of balance, when are our state legislators going to get to work at their day jobs, you know, running the *state*?


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