AZ State Senator equates affordable health care to slavery…


By Craig McDermott, crossposted from Random Musings

…and spent the rest of the day saying “No, I didn’t!”…

Yup, she went there, “she” being State Senator Kelli Ward (R-LD5), an ostensible challenger to US Senator John McCain (R-never met a war he didn’t monger).

Right now, she’s exploring a run at McCain; many more days like this one, and she may not get beyond the “exploring” stage…


…After today’s momentous Supreme Court decision upholding a vital part of the Affordable Care Act (aka – “Obamacare”), Sen. Ward tweeted the following –

As much as she insists to the contrary, she *did* go there.  Wholeheartedly, in fact.

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  1. Real slavery is the unfortunate circumstance of having this person as your State Senator? I don’t know who she represents but no interest other than the old, white tea party lunatics seem to be her supporters. She does nothing for Mohave County. She is a polite version of Ron Gould, Mr. NO. She doesn’t support underfunded public schools in her own district. Lake Havasu fights like mad to get a campus of ASU there but she supports a budget that cuts the universities massively. She hobnobs with lunatics like Bundy. She and her husband practice medicine, but apparently hate government sponsored health care in a county where the majority of people are on socialized medicine, (Medicare, VA. or ACCESS). She supports government sponsored reproduction police though, having the government poke their nose into every woman’s uterus is OK with her and her pal, Cathi Herrod. The insanity in this State is that she could actually win a primary with the Senile Old Coot.

  2. Why shouldn’t she. What is the down side? When we take over (we means the latino vote) some good government white liberal will say Oh! Can’t we all just get along as rodney king said. Let by gones be by gones like nancy pelosi did with no iraq war investigations or katrina investigation just the 9-11 whitewash. Hopefully they will tell these white liberals “Out of my way gringo!” Were taking these republiscum to the re-education camp named after the woman who died of thirst begging for water in the hot sun at perryville prison.

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