AZGOP Senate Dicates Taxpayers Will Pay $90K Salary for Their AZGOP Chairperson

Most people haven’t a clue who runs the state Democratic or Republican Parties. Very few actually care because these are not government positions: they aren’t elected by taxpayers; they aren’t paid by taxpayers – they are private employees and officers of the private organizations that are our state political parties… Except when they aren’t, apparently.

AZ Sen. Warren Peterson and his gang of MAGA fascists at the State Legislature have decided that YOU need to pay a $90K and growing salary to their party chairperson, Gina Swaboda.

Of course, Peterson and his gang of grifters will hide this fact behind fancy words like ‘advisor’ and ‘consulting’, but the clear result is that the current AZGOP Chairperson has been paid $75K just since January of this year out of taxpayer funds. An additional $15K of public funds were paid to Swaboda late last year.

Fourth Estate 48 has been covering the story thus far.

Here’s the latest invoice for Swaboda’s ‘consulting services’ at a rate of $15K per month:

Fourth Estate 48 writes, “This extension grants her an extra $15,000, adding to the $15,000 per month she received from taxpayers between January and April, and $7,500 each for her services in November and December – totaling $90,000.”

So what is the job Swaboda is ‘consulting’ for the Senate on? Running the AZGOP, of course. Oh, Sen. Peterson and his crew of swindlers will claim some nebulous bullshit she’s advising on, but what she’s actually doing is running the state Republican party and raising money for that state party and its’ candidates.

Warren Peterson is using the taxpayer’s treasury as a slush fund to pay a salary to his party’s Chairperson. Are you cool with the AZGOP majority setting up a salary on the taxpayer’s dime for their party chair? I’m not.

I’m deeply surprised and disappointed that this blatant corruption has not merited more attention from Arizona’s professional press corps and major media outlets. If we Democrats were paying our party Chairperson, Yoli Berjarano, a massive salary out of the public fisc, you had best bet your sweet bippy that it would be a huge scandal. Apparently, everyone now just expects and accepts such corrupt self-dealing from the MAGA gangsters?

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  1. Sorry to be pedantic but I believe there’s a typo in the title of this article. Typos, especially in the title, disturb my wah. ;l


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