Bad Sign: Glenn Beck’s Number One Best Seller


That literary giant, Glenn Beck, has a new book out: It Is About Islam.

And it spent the last week on the New York Times best seller list.

Chew on that for a few seconds.

From the reviews I’ve read, the title should be “I’m a raging Islamaphobe.”

Have I read the book? No. Nor do I intend to. I’ve been there and done that. When I ran for Congress, my opponent, John Shadegg, was promoting two books, Knowing the Enemy and America Alone. I read them both, cover to cover. Both where anti-Muslim screeds.

The first, Knowing the Enemy, did with the Koran what one can do with any holy book: extract the craziest passages, out of time, to malign all those who follow the faith.

The second, America Alone, was built on the concept that European Muslims were a monolithic force, consciously out-breeding the rest of the population in order to takeover Europe, then the world. At one point, the author attempted to explain away Serbian atrocities against Bosnians on the basis that the Bosnians were breeding too fast.

I’m guessing from the description that Beck’s book is closer to Knowing the Enemy.

But who cares.

The takeaway here is that the most popular non-fiction book in America was written by Glenn Beck.

American exceptionalism?

Greatest country in the world?


Land of racist morons? Perhaps. Before saying no, check out the Republican front-runner.


  1. Islam has no impact on my daily life. My tax dollars, however, have been used for decades to drop bombs on and kill hundreds of thousands of people in the middle east.

    I’m not blaming America, I’m blaming lying politicians and corporations who profit from war. There’s a difference. I love America and want us to be the good guys.

    I suspect if we stopped bombing the middle east for a few years the few people there who want to do us harm would have to get real jobs, because they couldn’t use our drones/bombs to motivate their base.

    I also suspect that if right wing pundits/pols/preachers couldn’t use fear to motivate their base, they’d have to get real jobs, too.

    I’m not sure what real job Glen Beck would be qualified for, maybe we could repeal the minimum wage and I could pay him a dollar a day to sweep my floors.

  2. just because islam hates the same people we hate does not in this case make the enemy of my enemy my friend. I agree with bill mahr. we should not support those who are anti-women’s rights anti gay and in polls taken in muslim countries support the jihad overwhelmingly and think it is great that religious police whip people into mosques. hamas would take over the west bank and the muslim brotherhood egypt in an election. perhaps they will evolve ;but they have not done so yet. we can say hitler (glen beck) is bad without saying stalin is good.

  3. The corporate propaganda machine knows that people like Glenn Beck are necessary to keep the extremist base of the Republican Party engaged and Voting… The New York Times best seller list is manipulated by the corporate propaganda machine to do that

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