Baja Humor


Posted by AzBlueMeanie:

NA-BK686_BAJA_NS_20110314200237Paul Eckerstrom, Co-founder of Start Our State, was the guest speaker today at Democrats of Greater Tucson. Start Our State is exploring a non-binding ballot proposition in Pima County to petition the state legislature for authority to petition Congress to become our own state. (Other Southern Arizona counties are encouraged to join in this effort – hence the name "Baja Arizona").

During the Q & A someone suggested that there is a simpler way to go about this: a ballot proposition for the state of Arizona to decide whether to kick out Maricopa County and force them to become their own state.

Paul said he'd thought about that, and then said "Arizona would be a doughnut and Maricopa County would be a hole, or just 'A-hole' for short."

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  1. And when the idea of Baja Arizona first came up, the folks in northern Arizona suggested they become Alta Arizona, and make Maricopa County the third state called Caca Arizona.