Ballots are still being tallied, but the election is finally over in Arizona


Posted by AzBlueMeanie:

Nearly two weeks after election day, Pima County finishes its provisional ballot count:

Pima County has finally finished counting its election ballots while Maricopa County still has thousands to go.

County Recorder Helen Purcell says 1,119 early ballots and 30,372
provisional ballots cast at the polls on Nov. 6 were tabulated Monday.

She says about 450 early ballots remain to be processed for tabulation along with some 34,000 provisional ballots.

The last two undecided races in Arizona have now been called. Remaining 2 Ariz. races are called:

118, a new formula for distributing the money from Arizona's permanent
land endowment fund, has won voter approval, according to The Arizona Republic's analysis of election returns.

The Republic also called the remaining legislative race for
Rep. Eric Meyer in an east Phoenix/Paradise Valley district. Meyer, a
Democrat, had been leading Rep. Amanda Reeve, R-Phoenix, since Election
Night. His margin, although slight, grew steadily as early and
provisional ballots were tabulated.

As Arizona marks two weeks since the Nov. 6 election, all counties but Maricopa had completed their ballot counts.

The legislative results mean the state House of Representatives will have 36 Republicans and 24 Democrats when the 2013 legislative session begins in January, compared with the current 40-20 split. The Senate will have 17 Republicans to 13 Democrats, compared to today's 21-9 makeup.