Banned on Blog For Arizona


It is with deep regret that I announce my first (and hopefully last) official banning. Dwight Leister is no longer welcome to comment here. I may give him a pardon or a reprieve someday, but that someday won’t be soon. The tribal council spoke loudly in favor of a ban, and while that’s not dispositive (ultimately I decide, and any ban is my responsibility) I’m inclined to give my readers what they want on this matter.

For those who just can’t get enough of Dwight particular genre of public discourse, he still has his own blog (which I pay for BTW) where he is free to say whatever he pleases to those who are interested. I just will no longer allow him to say it on my blog.

If Dwight were actually adding something other than annoyance, frustration, offensive personal attacks and not-so-vaguely anti-Semitic remarks to the conversation, I would be inclined to tolerate his less savory forum habits. But he seldom did. I won’t have anyone run roughshod over me, my guest authors, or my readers in the name of pure freedom of speech. Every freedom includes responsibilities, and those who fail to use this forum responsibly will lose their freedom to use it.

I haven’t banned Dwight because I disagree with him. On the contrary, I value the opinions of those who disagree with me. I banned him because he is rude, offensive, consistently ad hominem, has lousy manners, and has proven himself incorrigible regarding these complaints. I don’t, and won’t, ban someone for one or two instances of poor judgment; only for proving that they lack any judgment at all.

Now, for your entertainment, and maybe your edification, here is a good summary of the etiquette I expect. Don’t let what happened to Dwight happen to you.

How To Behave On An Internet Forum


  1. I agree with the move as well. When someone subverts and distorts the discussion, it’s like someone continually shouting his/her ideas at a meeting. It disrupts the dialogue and discourages others from participating.

    Here’s to healthy agreements and disagreements, and comments that promote, not destroy, the sharing of ideas.

  2. you mean, it’s safe to read the comments now? I probably would not mind so much if every other word were not in all caps. It gave me a headache to read.

  3. Yeah, that’s too bad Dwight couldn’t come to terms with his own demons before posting to this site. I purposely haven’t been here in a while because I felt he was making a mockery of the discussion. Maybe, in a year or so, he will mature enough to come back and actually lend something to the discorse.

  4. I am one of those who voted, and good move. You were more than generous. I saw great and creative stories you posted start to produce valuable dialog only to be trashed by his lunacy.

    I don’t wish the guy harm, but he does not contribute to the discourse here. You have done us, and probably him, a favor by directing his energies elsewhere.

    You really gave the guy a lot of license. He went beyond the pale. Good move.

    See you at DL tomorrow I hope!