Battle lines firming up

by David Safier
After it looked like Brewer was planning to cave to R legislators last week and accept a hack-and-slash budget with no taxes, she issued a press release saying, yes, she still wants a temporary $1 billion per year tax increase. Today, she may have sealed the deal. The Accidental Guv, then the Oscillating Guv, may be the Stand Firm Guv — unless we hear something else tomorrow.

The use of federal stimulus dollars to help balance the budget may help keep Arizona's public schools afloat through the end of the fiscal year, but Gov. Jan Brewer believes it underscores the need for the controversial tax hike she is proposing.

As part of a second round of reductions the fiscal 2009 budget, Brewer authorized the use of $250 million from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act for K-12 schools. The governor, however, had planned to use stimulus money to balance budgets for the next two years, and Brewer spokesman Paul Senseman said that money likely will be gone by 2011.

A few of S. AZ reps are not planning to go along. Al, you first:

"I don't see any sympathy for it on the Republican side … in the House or the Senate," said Sen. Al Melvin, a Tucson Republican. "The votes are not here for that."

David Stevens, your turn:

"I have seen no increased support at all. And I haven't seen hardly any support for it whatsoever on the Republican side," said Rep. David Stevens, a Sierra Vista Republican. "It's not going to happen with me."

I have a non-rhetorical, absolutely earnest question: How is this thing going to end?

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  1. David Safier

    Hey, Bruce, English is the official language of the U.S. of A. Send that Latin back to Latin America where it belongs!

    For my fellow cretins, I used The Google to translate “Neca eos omnes. Deus suos agnoset.” Roughly, it’s “Kill them all, let God sort them out!”

  2. I don’t see how we have a special election at this point so that option is probably gone.

    Unfortunately, I think it highly likely nothing will happen until the end of this fiscal year when the governor will fold and give in to the Republicans budget – the question is will it happen before or after government shutdown.

    The only other possibility is that they get a few Republicans and the Democrats to go along with something that the FACT group put forward that does not require (they claim) a 2/3’s vote. This would most likely have to go against leaderships’ wishes so I don’t see how this is even likely. Of course this would automatically get challenged in court and would face resistance in other ways.

    I’m not optimistic.

  3. Seriously?

    I fear that we’re going to end up at 11:50PM June 30, with the Legislature in session, Democrats locked outside building and a handful of Republicans in the smoke-filled capitol presiding over the bankrupting of the State of Arizona.

    The legislative equivalent of “Neca eos omnes. Deus suos agnoset”.

    This is beyond ‘legislative malpractice’ as Matt Heinz has so aptly put it, and on to nihilistic destruction.

    The anti-government ‘Taxiban’ fanatics are in power, and I think they’ll do their best to level the place and salt the earth before they’re forced to leave.

    They would rather live in a failed state than pay taxes.