Best Super Bowl ad: Chrysler Corp. scores again


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The lights went out in the Superdome in New Orleans for 34 minutes at the start of the second half of the Super Bowl — a Super Bowl first.

There are already conspiracy theories on the "intertubes" about what caused the power outage, most of them tongue-in-cheek (Google it). Here are just some of the conspiracy theories floating around out there (only the first one is a plausible explanation):

1. Since it happened soon after Beyonce's halftime show, there are thoughts that the amount of electricity that went into the show's razzle-dazzle had something to do with the resulting power outage.

2. 49ers fans. The game was turning into a route after a 98 yard kickoff return by the Ravens to start the second half. "Somebody do something! Pull the plug!"

3. Rogue Saints fans. This was supposed to be their year to play in a Super Bowl at home. Oddly enough, no team in the Super Bowl has ever played in their home stadium. So I guess this means the Giants and Jets won't be playing in next year's Super Bowl (what idiot decided to hold the Super Bowl at the Meadowlands in February?)

4. “Anonymous has spoken by killing the lights at the Super Bowl. They don’t like Beyonce either.” -John Roush.

5. Bane (from the Dark Knight Rises movie). He's done this kind of thing before.

You get the idea.

So what about the Super Bowl ads? Blog for Arizona readers tend to go for the humorous (the Skeechers "Cheetah" ad and the Tide "Miracle Stain" ad were especially funny), or cute animals (Budweiser's "The Clydesdales: Brotherhood" ad about a trainer and his horse — aaawww, so sweet!) The KIA "hotbots" ad was funny, in an "Austin Powers" kind of way. Not so much the Taco Bell "Viva Young" ad, a dark ode to "Cocoon"? Old people behaving badly — don't we already have the Tea Party for that?

I am going to go with the sentimental "Americana" ads for the best ad. This year Chrysler Corp. repeats its success from last year with the "It's Halftime in America" ad, narrated by Clint Eastwood, with best ad for two ads, the Jeep "Whole Again" ad narrated by Oprah Winfrey, and the Dodge Ram Truck's "Farmer" ad, narrated by Paul Harvey. Those ads touched a nerve, bringing back a flood of memories of my departed family members and my family's history over so many generations. I'll admit it brought a tear to my eyes. Well done. But I'm not buying a Jeep or a Dodge Ram.

Feel free to debate your choices for best Super Bowl ad.

Here is the Jeep "Whole Again" ad.

Here is the Dodge Ram Truck's "Farmer" ad.

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