BfAZ Getting (a Little More) Social

Posted by Michael Bryan

The team here at BfAZ have decided that it is time to address social media a little more systematically. People love their Facebook, so we've decided to do our best to provide as much of our content as possible the way Facebooker's 'Like' it: on Facebook. So while we've had a FB Page for BlogForArizona for a while, we've now actually syndicated our feed to that Page's Wall. If you want, you can now see what's up at BfAZ just by adding our updates to your FB notifications. And you can comment on FB, as well as directly on the blog. Oh, and we have a new little doodad on the sidebar to the left regarding the blog's Page. If you have suggestions or comments about our new approach, we want to hear it.

That brings me to another topic: there have been several complaints about the hoops that Typepad makes you jump through to comment here. We hear you. For the next month (at least) we are going to turn off verification requirements for commenting. We hope that everyone will cooperate in not feeding any trolls that turn up.

Of course, you are also encouraged to connect with us through our personal pages: Mike, David, Craig, Jenn, and BlueMeanie (coming soon) want to hear from you and be your FB Friends. If you have suggestions, stories, events, would like to become more involved in helping to build a community of liberal Arizonans on social media, or want to promote your own liberal cause or group here in AZ, feel free to let us know. We appreciate your readership and we love it when you recommend us to your social networks.

In closing (for now) let me just pass on the following gem about reasoned discussion for you to judge the quality of the (newly 'liberalized') comments. I hope it will guide you in how you choose to respond to discourse here:


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