This post has been hanging out in drafts for almost 3 days. But now this thing is over except the whining. And the rioting. And the lawsuits. And the right-wing terrorism.

To paraphrase the famous exchange between a wag and Ben Franklin: “It’s a Biden Presidency. If you can keep it.”


We can’t relax, but we can stop panicking. Biden pulled out a disturbingly close victory. Likely final result: Biden 306.

Arizona could still slip away from Biden – however statistically unlikely – but it won’t matter to the result. I will just rue the loss because then I won’t be able to tease Kelli Ward for losing the Presidency and another Senate seat on her watch. Boy, is she ever uniquely bad at her job. Keep up the great work, Dr. Ward!

Now we have to minimize the damage that Trump can do before January 20th and deal with a minority who have proven themselves to approve of being lied to, gaslit, manipulated, and abused by an insane tyrant willing to let them die of a deadly disease to glorify his fragile ego.

Now we have to protect the genuine expression of the will of the majority of our electorate – and the (superfluous) Electoral College victory – in the streets and in the courts.

Now we have to bind up our wounds as best we can, join hands with all people of goodwill and sound mind to carry forward the democratic experiment for another election in 2022, and another in 2024.

There is no overwhelming repudiation of Trumpism by America to be found in this result. Even though America has rejected Trump, the base of the GOP clearly still clearly embraces Trumpism. We need to make alliances with conservatives who have opened their eyes to the evil of Trump their party has hatched and nurtured.

Democrats seem currently unlikely to carry a majority in the Senate into the Biden Presidency, even though Arizona did its part by sending Mark Kelly to the Senate. We will have a crack at it in January in Georgia, which will become the center of the American political landscape.

Even if we fall short there, the GOP once again has a hard map to defend in 2022, and we will have to demonstrate why and how the GOP is abusing their minority-majority position to subvert the will of the people more clearly and convincingly than we did this election.

Rest, do some self-care, and refresh yourselves; the civil war against this cancer on our political body that is Trump and Trumpism has only begun. We’ve won the first battle, but their army is still largely intact, and the war to cut the cancer out has only just begun. We can start by stealing that portion of Trump’s base that is persuadable, rather than be tempted to write them all off as a lost cause.