In 1948, Harry Truman championed a pro-civil rights platform in the Democratic Party. Southern Democrats at the time threw a hissy fit and quit. Some short-lived alt parties later, the former Dixiecrats weaseled their way into the GOP. In the 1960s, KKK campaigning helped finalize the south’s allegiance to Republicans. Got it? The next time you hear the GOP boast it’s the “party of Lincoln,” you’ll understand why their claim is disingenuous.

Now if you never learned about America’s 20th-century party-switching past, you might be honestly confused about who stands for what. Or maybe you’re into the GOP Kool-Aid and don’t mind being a fascist flunkey. Or maybe you’re just a big fat liar.

Recently, Arizona GOP U.S House candidate (CD4) Jerone Davison conflated modern Democrats with KKK members. See the screenshot? That’s from Jerone‘s 2022 ad where he fetishizes needing an AK-15 to defend against “a dozen angry Democrats in clan hoods.” The only missing visual would have been a close-up of Jerone fondling the gun barrel.

To be fair, Jerone may have missed a few history lessons growing up in Mississippi. But even after Twitter users corrected him about who was under those hoods, Jerone doubled down and insisted his incendiary narrative reflects his lived experience. He either got the klansmen’s identities wrong as a kid or he is a big fat liar. 

The GOP’s wet dream is to start a civil war. Extremist Republicans enjoy fomenting hate and stoking unrest, especially when it keeps them in power. The GOP’s trickery keeps voters distracted while its leaders destroy democracy and rob hard-working families.

America deserves better. Eliminate the GOP’s right to govern. Vote blue up and down the ballot.