According to the most recent OH Predictive Insights poll, Trump endorsed Abe Hamadeh is the leading GQP primary candidate for attorney general.


Hamadeh’s closest rival, Rodney Glassman, is someone I have known since he ran as a Democrat for Tucson City Council. When people have asked me about him, I tell them he is “all ambition and no brains.” This is why he now calls himself a “Trump Republican.” He is as phony as a three dollar bill. He will tell people whatever he thinks they want to hear, because all he really cares about is getting elected to pursue his political ambitions.

Abe Hamadeh is some Dude I have never heard of before. Don’t know anything about him. But “Trump Republican” Rodney Glassman is now calling Hamadeh “Amnesty Abe” in his closing attack ad of the primary, focusing on anti-immigrant hysteria and white fright to make up his huge 2-1 polling deficit.

What you should know about Abe Hamadeh is that he got Trump’s endorsement by kissing the ring his ass, and endorsing his Big Lie fantasies that the 2020 election was stolen, and the My Pillow Guy’s fantasies that the election can be decertified and Trump reinstated as president.

As Rep. Gallego asks, “Where did you go to law school?“, because spoiler alert: there is no such thing as decertifiyng an election and no such thing as reinstating the sore loser candidate who planned and executed the first coup d’état against the U.S. government in American history along with hundreds of co-conspirator members of the Republican Party at the federal and state levels. These Coup Plotters, co-conspirators and accessories to the crime should be facing prosecution from the Arizona Attorney General. The Arizona Attorney General should not be volunteering to be a co-conspirator and accessory for the next Trump coup d’état.

The Trump endorsed Big Lie election denier team of “Krazy Kari” Lake, January 6 insurrectionist Mark Finchem, and some Dude no one has ever heard of before who shouldn’t have graduated from law school, should never be elected to any office. They are unfit to serve in any office. Especially the state’s highest offices responsible for certifying election results. They are openly promising to commit an “inside job” of election theft for Trump next time.

Luckily for voters the Democrats have an experienced public servant and ethical attorney who actually knows the law in Kris Mayes running for Attorney General. She stands head and shoulders above this clusterfuck of losers running in the Republican primary.