Bill Maher’s Bad Night


Posted by Bob Lord

I'm generally a Bill Maher fan. I love his willingness to stray from political correctness in order to speak truth. 

But on Friday's Real Time, it was Glenn Greenwald who spoke truth to a Bill Maher whose incorrectness wasn't political. It was just bigoted and wrong. It was the first time I've seen a guest silence Maher in debate. When Greenwald called bullshit on Maher's meme that Muslims are a "uniquely threatening" religious group, Maher changed topics. Thruthdig has a good write-up and video clip here.

The Greenwald exchange was not Maher's worst moment Friday night, however. In his monologue, Maher busted on Chris Christie's recent lap band surgery. By itself, that's okay. That's what comedians do. But it crossed the line, and in a really unfunny way, when Maher tore in to Christie for the lack of willpower Maher perceived to be associated with Christie's election to seek the help of lapband surgery. Pardon my french, but what a sanctimonious prick. Maher is blessed with a fast metabolism. It's doubtful he's ever wrestled with a weight problem. He has no idea what it's like for someone cursed with a slow metabolism to walk around hungry, ALL THE TIME, as he struggles with his weight. Maher would make mincemeat of someone with inherited wealth who maligned the poor for their failure to improve their lot in life, and rightfully so. Yet he doesn't get that his criticism of Christie's struggle with weight is equally sanctimonious.


  1. Not defending Maher here, but Bob, how do you know that Christie has a slow metabolism and is not just a glutton? Actually, I admire him for doing something, as he is a ticking time bomb and his wife should be terrified.

  2. So true, on both topics. As far as the remarks about Christy’s lapband, I was a little offended. I am a 3-time cancer survivor who gained 100lbs over a 5-year period from steroids and a forced sedentary recovery and had to resort to bariatric surgery (hard to lose weight in midlife). I told Maher in a fast note that there are other reasons besides “not being able to control one’s appetite” for bariatric surgery and that cancer ravages the body in many ways. If he had done just a little research on bariatric surgery, he probably wouldn’t have been so judgmental…