Blog Shop Now Has Masks


Some readers responded to my request for suggestions of merch we should carry, with an obvious request: Masks.

Well, now we have them!

I made two different masks, one with our logo and address:

And one with a simple message to those who meet you:

Hopefully, this simple message will give those committed to not wearing a mask a second thought before they berate you for wearing a mask.

I’ve set the price as low as I could at $6.00 apiece (which gives us a $1.00 profit per mask).

I hope you find them useful and effective. Arizona is now, tragically, the number one global hotspot for COVID19 infections, so keep a mask handy at all times in case someone decides to invade your space!



  1. Can you provide more details about the mask? E.g., is it two- or three-ply? What’s the material? If it’s cloth, what’s the thread count? And what’s been done to ensure a close fit? Thanks for doing this, and I like the one with the donkey-free message. Right on!

    • Sure. The description says 100% polyester two-ply fabric. I haven’t gotten the sample I ordered yet, so I can’t say anything from personal experience.

  2. Ordered one of each! Looking forward to not having to use the folded bandanna with rubber bands! ;O)

  3. Hi, Michael… wonderful idea !! I really like the donkey with a mask on though:) Can you do that??

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