BlogForArizona Commends Congressman Barber

By The Writers of BlogForArizona

Since the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary, we at Blog for Arizona have urged Ron Barber to take the lead in Congress in advocating for common sense gun laws. We wrote numerous posts and started a petition that now has over 400 signatures. 

We have watched with deep admiration as Congressman Barber has taken increasingly strong stands on the subject and has occupied an ever more prominent place in the national conversation. His statement on December 19th (posted after the click) is an example of the kind of powerful, personal testimony we hoped to hear from him.

He should know that his constituents and supporters across Arizona, and the nation, stand firmly behind his efforts. Hopefully, this trend will continue, and we have increasing confidence it will. We know that if Ron speaks from his heart at every possible opportunity, millions of Americans will be moved and we just may wind up with sane gun laws as a result.

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The vital role Congressman Barber can play in gun control was thrust upon him. But when history calls, history calls, and thus far Congressman Barber has answered the call. Although it may not be a role he relished, he clearly is growing into it and, in doing so, just may spare thousands of Americans the anguish, lost lives and shattered dreams that he had to witness first-hand two years ago.

Congressional bills often are identified by the names of members. If that practice is used when a bill is introduced in the house, it would be fitting if it bore Congressman Barber's and Giffords' names, along with that of Congresswoman McCarthy, who also has had her life shattered by a mass shooting and who has worked tirelessly to ameliorate gun violence.  

See the entire Democratic press conference, including Congresswoman McCarthy's remarks.

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  1. If anyone should know first hand about gun violence, it would be Congressman Barber who was shot twice in that Tucson Tragedy on 1/8/11. He needs to take the lead on this issue.