BlogForArizona Welcomes Tom Prezelski of R3

By Michael Bryan

Charter_debate_newsmakerExciting blog news! Former Arizona Representative and blog brother Tom Prezelski is going to be posting here at BlogForArizona as well as his blog, RumRomanismAndRebellion. Tom brings a wealth of legislative experience and a deep fund of knowledge of Arizona's political and cultural history to his pithy and insightful commentary.

Culver2Tom recently took over R3 from his brother Ted, who was obliged to stop blogging by professional obligations. Tom has decided that life as a solo blogger is just not as fun as being part of a community (and he's not able to post as often as he'd like due to work and his new book deal – which I'm sure he'll tell you about himself), so he decided he's like to cross-post over here at BlogForArizona.

Welcome, Tom! Glad to have you here.



0 responses to “BlogForArizona Welcomes Tom Prezelski of R3

  1. Tom, great news! Welcome aboard.