Bob Schieffer schools Rep. Matt Salmon on the reality based world

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Rep. Matt Salmon is a right-wing ideologue who only knows what he reads from the GOP talking points. Somehow he was a guest on Face the Nation on Sunday, and host Bob Schieffer had to school him on the reality based world. CBS Host Schools GOP Rep. on Defunding Obamacare: 'This Is the Land of What's Real':

CBS host Bob Schieffer on Sunday encouraged Rep. Matt Salmon (R-AZ)
to come back to the "land of what's real" and realize that President
Barack Obama was never going to sign bill that defunded his signature
health care reform law.

"We just had a conservative Democrat and a Republican both say
there's no way, no how that this is going to get done in the Senate,"
Schieffer explained during an interview on Face the Nation, adding that the push to defund Obamacare by forcing a government shutdown was like "a Kamikaze attack, a suicide mission." [Wall Street Journal op-ed The Power of 218.]

"I find it ironic that the president will negotiate with Vladimir
Putin, but he won't negotiate with Republicans in the House of
Representatives," Salmon opined. [John Boehner talking point.] "I heard loudly and clearly during the
August recess, 'We want Obamacare gone.'"

Schieffer reminded Salmon that many business leaders [Business lobby says don't shut down the government!]
— and even elected Republicans — agreed that Obamacare opponents in the House were
"just wasting everybody's time by going down one of these exercises
again to shut down the government."

[The Democratic Policy & Communications Center has compiled a list of 20 Republican senators
who have gone on the record acknowledging that they can’t prevent the
implementation of ObamaCare either legislatively or through a government

"You know what's going to happen," the CBS host explained. "You can
write this script now. They're going to strip out this thing — to not
fund Obamacare — out of this bill in the Senate. They're going to wait
until the very last minute, they're going to send it back over to the
House. And then you're going to have to vote on whether we just shut
down the government."

"But this is not the land of wishful thinking," Schieffer pointed
out. "This is the land of what's real and what's going to happen."

He continued: "And even if you pass this, the president would veto
it. And there are certainly not 67 votes in the Senate to override his
veto. It's law."

Another delusional Tea-Publican congressman trapped in the epistemic closure of the conservative media entertainment complex feedback loop.

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    I don’t blame him

  2. “”I find it ironic that the president will negotiate with Vladimir Putin, but he won’t negotiate with Republicans in the House of Representatives,” Salmon opined. ”

    Weren’t they just castigating Obama for being so weak as to negotiate with their new teen heartthrob Vlad? Seriously, Detroit needs to study Congressional Representative’s necks for their obvious resistance to extreme whiplash…