Bobby Jo versus the volcano

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Remember how, during his big prime-time speech last month, Lousiana's Republican governor Bobby Jindal, in addition to making stuff up about what he did during Hurricane Katrina, also found time to mock the Obama administration for "wasteful spending" in the stimulus bill, including

… $140 million for something called “volcano monitoring.” Instead of monitoring volcanoes, what Congress should be monitoring is the eruption of spending in Washington, D.C.

(h/t Zachary Roth at TPMMuckraker | Jindal's Mockery Of Volcano Monitoring Money Only Looking Dumber After Redoubt Blows)

Why is Jindal's line looking even worse now? Because, as you've likely heard, Alaska's Mount Redoubt, 100 miles southwest of Anchorage, erupted last night. And a USGS geologist confirmed to TPMmuckraker that a portion of the stimulus spending for volcano monitoring that Jindal lampooned has been slated to go to USGS monitoring Redoubt.

Chris Waythomas, a geologist with the Alaska Volcano Observatory, a branch of the USGS, said that part of the money from the stimulus that Jindal was referring to would have been used to "shore up" monitoring of Redoubt, by adding new monitoring technology like real-time GPS. Redoubt, he said, was "very high on our list" of volcanoes that needed increased scrutiny.

In fact, thanks to its close monitoring of Redoubt, the USGS has known for months that it was on the point of blowing. The volcano had emitted ash and steam last week, alerting scientists to the likely imminence of a full eruption. Their efforts also meant they knew enough to raise the alert level to orange, or "watch" on Saturday, a day before Redoubt erupted. That, for instance, meant that the FAA received advanced warning that flight disruptions could occur, and it gave local officials time to draw up precautionary plans to evacuate people if needed.

Just another anti-science Republican like Sarah Palin, who no doubt can see Mount Redoubt from her house.

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  1. Hey Flounder,

    If you want to talk to me here’s a few ideas:
    1.) Try to stay on topic
    2.) Speak for yourself; you don’t need permission from Krugman, do you?
    3.) Mindless name-calling just makes you look like a jerk

    Now to the topic, a couple points: a.) try taking a look at the stimulus package and Obama’s budget – 90% science? I don’t think so; more like payofs to Dem constituencies b.) this guy is putting us in more debt than the entire country has generated up to this point in time – how do you plan to pay for that?

  2. Bobby is like McCain Jr. take some serious program that has a funny name and start mocking it. Krugman called these people the “Beevis and Butthead” Party.
    “Volcano, huh, huh, huh. I got an eruption for ya, huh, huh, huh.”
    And 90% of the things they pull their Butthead routine on are scientific studies of some sort, so Mr. Avenger, if it is 90% anti-science, that goes in my book as anti-science. Say, how did you pay for your part of the Iraq War?

  3. Why don’t you read your own quotes? It’s not about being anti-science, mouth, it’s about being anti-spending. These comments are ALMOST as dumb as when libs blamed Katrina on Bush not signing Kyoto. You may call yourself a big fan of science but you are certainly no fan of reason and logic. Here’s some advice: grow up and get a clue.