Bolton compares Iran threat to Sept 11 attacks


Link: Bolton compares Iran threat to Sept 11 attacks

I’m surprised Bush’s PR assault on Iran has jumped the shark so soon. People are going to be, rightfully, offended and dismayed at such an obvious lunge for Americans’ rhetorical jugulars. But there you have it.

On Nightline Bolton said, "Just like September 11, only with nuclear weapons this
time, that’s the threat. I think that is the threat." This is coming from the same guy who was screaming a few years ago that Cuba has biological weapons and is ready to use them on us.

I think this Administration’s transparent ploy to put one of their chief WMD cranks in the UN to shout "j’accuse" at the Iranians is going to arrive on Americans’ ears with a resounding thud. They simply have no credibility left to burn. And not even pulling the trusty old 9/11 card will win this hand.


  1. Not since the Presidency of Jimmy Carter have the Ameican people seen that a few Iranian terrorists in country can hold not only The United States and its President “Hostage” in the White House; but Iran’s people will either become silenced or fall into line.
    This is a situation like Hitler in Nazi Germany and should be a lessons learned 911 attack that everyone does know about!
    I was in Iran in the 1970’s and saw how the people were living under a secret society that you can not immagine in todays world. It is not unlike North Korea.
    I warn the people of this country to not compare 911 and President Bush’s actions to be anything like what is now ,and has been going on in Iran.
    Let me tell you a story; There was a President who lied about taking us to war;the lie continued until everyone was talking about the lie,to correct the lie a truth was inserted that parrelled the lie,but was credible and a grave threat. To regain credibility lead the people down the same path ,then an unexpected event takes place that schocks the World,making the first lie the truth.