Book Review, New Website and Self-Promotion


Posted by Bob Lord

A few weeks ago, I stumbled on to a new website,, dedicated to what I believe is the greatest challenge we face, income and wealth inequality. The columnists at that site, Sam Pizzigati, Chuck Collins, and Salvatore Babones, all are excellent, and the site has very helpful links to other publications and resources on this important subject. Also, they have a weekly online newsletter, Too Much, a concise update on inequality news. 

Which leads me to my current read, The Rich Don't Always Win, By Sam Pizzigati. I'm only a chapter or so into the book, but what I've read so far is excellent. Mr. Pizzigati presents a vivid picture of the plutocracy that existed at the turn of the 19th century. It's so well written that he doesn't even need to draw that parallels to today's plutocracy. It's rare that you can recommend a book based on one chapter, but this one meets that mark.

Hopefully that background will tell you how honored I am that just posted my piece regarding trillionaires from earlier this week. You may have missed it, because the AZBlueMeanie and David went on a tear right after that and pushed my trillionaire post way down the page. But that's ok, because the folks at improved it a good bit with their edits. So, please check out the better version, entitled Our First Trillionaire: Only a Matter of Time.

Sorry about the self-promotion, but had to share.