Book Review: With Liberty and Justice For Some


Posted by Bob Lord

I just finished Glenn Greenwald’s With Liberty and Justice
For Some. I was a bit late to the party on this one – the book has been out for
a few years. But it seemed like a timely read anyhow, given Greenwald's current notoriety.

And well worth it.

After reading his book, it would be hard not to understand
why the establishment in America, both Democratic and Republican, hates
Greenwald so. He is a great researcher, tireless worker, crystal clear thinker
and powerful writer interested in truth telling and little else. In other
words, if you were describing the journalistic qualities most unwanted by the
corrupt power elite of this country, Greenwald fits the bill perfectly.

Greenwald explains well the breakdown of the rule of law in America, how we have become a nation of men rather than the nation of laws the
founders intended us to be.  Much of
Greenwald’s material is stuff we already know, but he does a great job of
connecting the dots. And there is a good bit of information that is not so well
known, which Greenwald provides to complete what really is a very ugly picture
of justice in America. It may not be a picture you want to see, but it’s one
you need to see.