Boy Scouts Set To End Gay Ban


Posted by Bob Lord

Hey, somebody please order up a steaming hot plate of crow for my conservative friend, who was so sure I had it all wrong regarding the Scouts ban on gay members. It looks like the Scouts are about to end the ban on gay scouts. From the WaPo:

“While perspectives and opinions vary significantly, parents, adults in the Scouting community, and teens alike tend to agree that youth should not be denied the benefits of Scouting,” the organization said in a statement. According to the group’s review, a majority of adults in the organization’s community still support the ban. However, parents under 50 oppose it. So do teens both inside and outside the Boy Scouts. Slightly less than half of parents of current scouts support it.

Here's another crazy prediction: The lifiting of the ban will not inflict any trauma on straight scouts, and very few straight scouts will quit. And yet another crazy prediction: The inclusion of gay scouts will not cause any straight scouts to "turn gay." I know I'm going out on a limb here, but when these things happen I want you to have heard it here first. 


  1. Bob, if it is indeed I whom you are referring to as “my conservative friend” , you may wish to review the comment section of your earlier posting before you prematurely stroke your own ego.

    Our previous discussion generally concerned coercion by outside groups and the use of the full force of law to compel the Scouts to change their policies. At no time did I argue that they would not change of their own volition nor did I ever advocate against that course of action on their part.

    So you might want to season that crow to your liking. 🙂

  2. The gay ban goes on. Apparently being gay is OK until you turn 18. Then you become morally unfit for the organization. While the group’s leaders may think that they have come to a resolution that is partially satisfying, in reality they have taken a position that is objectionable to all. What a bunch of dopes.