Breaking news, the Senate just passed HCR2039 in this first day of crossover week. This is excellent news, but, of course, it only waives the cap for this year, and this issue will probably arise again next year.

I’ll update this post as more information becomes available.


For now, just be aware that the AZGOP has thoughtfully provided us with great ammunition against seven members of the AZGOP Senate caucus in the next election.

Senators Borrelli, Gowan, Leach, Petersen, Rogers, and Ugenti-Rita voted not to allow our public schools to spend the money that had already been budgeted to them. Townsend was a Not Voting, but she clarified that she was absent, but was excited to inform voters that she would have been a NO, if she could be bothered to do her job:

All the AZGOP caucus members who refused to vote to lift the cap need to be punished at the ballot box. Voters need to know that these radicals wanted to sabotage our public schools and harm the 90% of our children who are educated in our public schools.