Breaking: Frank Antenori is a Windbag


By Tom Prezelski

Reblogged From Rum, Romanism and Rebellion

Back in January, when Councilman Steve Kozachik announced that he was becoming a Democrat
after being forced out of the local Republican Party for the high crime
of listening to his constituents, the perpetually constipated former
State Senator Frank Antenori (R-Not Tucson) announced not simply that he
was recruiting a candidate, but that there already was someone waiting
in the wings to take down the incumbent:

“I don’t want to spoil it yet, but he’s an independent,”
Antenori said. “He’s well liked by both Democrats and Republicans. If we
can rally the Repbublicans and some of the Democrats and the
independents behind this guy, I think we can beat (Kozachik).”

Even at the time, this was obvious bunk. We all know that Frank
considers all Democrats to be commies, sissies, and dirty pot-smoking
hippies, and it is impossible to imagine that an individual with
crossover appeal is going to meet with his approval.

This being said, Frank’s imaginary friend has failed to materialize. The deadline
to file as a write-in candidate for City Council passed on Thursday.
This was the last chance for a challenger to emerge, and no one filed.
Kozachik will have no opponent. Clearly, Frank is not nearly as
well-connected in this community as some would have us believe.

Can we stop taking this guy seriously?


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