Brewer can run, but she can’t hide

Posted by AzBlueMeanie:

Republicans have decided that our Accidental Governor should no longer be just an accident of circumstance, but an act of actual malice toward the state of Arizona.

Gov. Brewer is studiously avoiding any media with questions about the Pimps for Private Prisons and Profit scandal in her office, and she is studiously avoiding any joint appearances with her opponent, Attorney General Terry Goddard. Brewer will only provide the media with prepared sound bites, as she did on primary election night. (Her mean-spirited nastiness was on full display that night. Brewer is nasty by nature, not a pleasant person.)

Press release today from the Terry Goddard for Governor campaign:

Jan Brewer, Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are

PHOENIX – This morning, statewide candidates participated in a forum as part of the League of Cities and Towns Conference. Attorney General Terry Goddard, the Democratic nominee for governor, just wrapped up his speech and addressed questions from the moderator and audience. This portion of the program ended early, however, because Gov. Jan Brewer was nowhere to be found. Brewer once again denied voters the chance to see the two candidates side by side. This is just one of several recent instances in which Brewer ducked such an opportunity. Take a look at this video:

The Arizona Daily Star reported today that Jan Brewer laughed off Terry Goddard's request for six gubernatorial debates. "Good luck Terry Goddard," Brewer scoffed about six potential debates on Tuesday night.

Brewer said she'll definitely do the Clean Elections debate – because it is mandatory as a matter of law – but there's no way she'll go for six, she indicated.

Linda Valdez of the Arizona Republic, who last week egged on our chicken governor to debate with "come out, come out, wherever you are," opined today that "Just imagine. That much real discussion might outweigh the usual mudslinging and provide valuable information."

Unfortunately, Jan Brewer intends to stick to her usual mudslinging when the candidates for governor appear in the Citizens Clean Elections debate scheduled for next Wednesday night at 7:00 p.m. on KAET-TV.


2 responses to “Brewer can run, but she can’t hide

  1. We need John Dougherty!!!! He waged an excellent and principled campaign in the Senate primary. Now, we need John to do what he does best – investigative journalism – to smoke out the facts of the Accidental Governor and her aides who are up to here (I’m pointing waaaaay above my head) in the private prison scandal.

    John, we need you!!!!!!!!!! Save your state from a fate worse than Jan Brewer as governor!!!!

  2. She’s nasty, and she’s a coward. That’s quite a combination.

    I think we have to add liar to the list — unrepentant liar, since she insists her beheadings-in-the-Arizona-desert story is the gospel truth.

    A nasty, cowardly liar. Just the person we need to lead this state forward. It wouldn’t do to have a decent person and an able administrator like Goddard in the job, now would it?