Brewer: Mathis guilty of gross misconduct because, um . . .

by David Safier

Alan Colmes gave Brewer every chance to explain the nature of Colleen Mathis' "gross misconduct." Brewer's answer was, Mathis acted "inappropriately," and she was not acting in the public interest. Not only that, "she wasn’t operating in the proper manner."

Got that? It was gross misconduct because it was misconduct, and it was kinda gross. Mathis is guilty of being charged with being guilty, because she was, you know, guilty.

Here's a partial text of the conversation.

COLMES: What did Colleen do that was inappropriate, Colleen Mathis?

BREWER: Well she acted, uh, inappropriately. Well it was very, pretty much obvious that she in communications, and doing things, uh, not in the public, and the people of Arizona deserve that –

COLMES: You mean she was doing things secretly? Like what?

BREWER: They just simply need to operate in a lawful and open fashion…

COLMES: I’m trying to understand what she did. What are you accusing her of having done?

BREWER: Well she wasn’t operating in the proper manner.

You can hear a longer excerpt here. The dialogue above wasn't taken out of context.