Brnovich On the Bench! ONE DOWN, TWO TO GO: Judge Brnovich Confirmed As A New U.S. District Court Judge For Arizona; Husband “Still Stunned”


Susan Brnovich will be the newest judge on Arizona’s federal bench. With little fanfare following last week’s major confrontation, the U.S. Senate confirmed a number of judges – some on voice votes, and others with merely 50 vote. Brnovich was approved with no opposition.

If that name sounds familiar, it is not only because Judge Brnovich has been on the Maricopa County Superior Court bench. Mr. Susan Brnovich is also Arizona’s Attorney General and is in a contentious battle for re-election.

The Brnoviches were surprised by the timing of the vote. Mark Brnovich took to Twitter to make the announcement at exactly 5pm, and to say he was “still stunned”. The vote had taken place 43 minutes earlier.

With Judge Brnovich taking Judge Neil V. Wake’s vacancy (he became a Senior Judge in 2016), Arizona still has two vacancies on the federal bench. No nominations have been put forward for them yet. (Similarly, the Trump Administration has yet to nominate a U.S. Attorney for Arizona.) The process involves the Administration obtaining recommendations from the affected state’s Senators; there have not been warm relations between the President and Arizona’s (Republican) Senators.


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  1. This decision is bad for the justice system in Arizona and federal US District Court of Arizona and is an outrageous conflict of interest! A huge conflict of interest between the state Attorney General, whose wife has a lifetime position on the federal court where the state conviction cases are appealed and the state Attorney General, who is her husband.

    This impacts ALL when courts are stacked like this.

    No wonder he’s stunned! AG Brnovich should step down if he values his wife’s lifetime position as a federal judge. Do the right thing AG Brnovich.

  2. Bad choice for the people and the justice system! Arizona legal and appeals process through the courts: An individual appeals their conviction in the state courts; they go before judges like Mrs. Brnovich; they languish in the court for years, then get rubber-stamped “denied” – often with a one page reply. They move and languish through the state courts with a series of “denied”, when they get dumped into the federal court — US District Court of Arizona — when they file a Writ of Habeas. The Habeas is the petitioner versus the state — the Attorney General, would be Brnovich. Conflict of interest: A husband rubber stamping his judge wife’s cases in lower court “denied”? How is that supposed to work in a fair justice system?

  3. WELL isn’t this just peachy keen. Brnovich’ s wife got a ‘promotion” ,
    most of us you screwed over by allowing the corruption , hope you choke on your fame and fortune.
    Did you really think you could prosecute innocent nurses , and very few know about it , and not follow you ? Protecting hospitals and helping incompetent state agencies like the Board of Nursing nazis.
    IT was YOUR OFFICE who was in court, lying through their teeth, and putting one ‘witness’ after another up there KNOWING FULL WELL their were lying , had shady backgrounds, and were perjuring themselves . AND when proven after , your croonies still up hold illegal acts When are you going to run a OFFICER OF THE COURT , uphold the LAW ?? Admin law court is a sham ,waste of time and no one EVER wins against the state . Power hungry, and your staff who you are over , will be exposed. Sunita Krishna, Elizabeth Campbell , took careers , licenses away from innocent nurses, and made up lies, and found witnesses willing to lie . SHAME ON YOU, don’t think getting reelected reflects on you at all, many R in AZ and many have no clue, just like the Parks case you kept out of the news ! !

    • The years of corruption by the Arizona Board of Nurses (all political appointments determining nurses’ lives, families’ and their careers) has been swept under the rug for years. Nurses losing their careers for non-patient issues is ludicrous and an abomination in Arizona. Who, knowing the corruption that exists and the relationship between the Attorney General’s office prosecutors and the nurses who come before them in disciplinary hearings, would ever want to become a nurse in Arizona? This is impacts ALL the people, as nurses train here and go elsewhere. Wake up folks!

    Really he is “stunned ” hmmm.
    too bad their is not another R running against him, all uphill a D running. but she maintains her composure very well.

    The unfairness of the current A G office and judges are SUPPOSE to be unstanding citizens !

  5. Arizonians who are appealing their Kangaroo, railroad job , in AZ do not have a chance . ! This should be illegal as hell !

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