Budget time at the state capitol?


We must be getting very close to the state budget being ready to drop, negotiated in secret by the Governor’s office and GOP legislative leaders in the House and Senate (traditionally excluding the Democratic leadership).

arizona_legislature_11274934985Our lawless Tea-Publican legislature has almost completed work on its top legislative priorities, i.e., abortion and defunding Planned Parenthood, 3 abortion bills headed to Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey’s desk, the annual gun nut bills, ‘Monday gun day’ at the Arizona Senate as 3 firearms-related bills advance, giving themselves more “dark money” campaign cash, Arizona ‘dark money’ bill on its way to Gov. Doug Ducey, while advancing a ballot measure to repeal the Voter Protection Act to reduce the power of Arizona citizens, (Update) Authoritarian Movement Conservatives Assault the Voter Protection Act, and criminalizing voters who assist other voters by dropping off their ballot for them. Gov. Doug Ducey signs bill banning ballot collection.

Our lawless Tea-Publican legislature is also sitting on a scaled back school voucher bill to privatize public education in Arizona. Arizona’s school-voucher expansion bill returns, but with a twist. Are they really going to hang around until after the special election for Prop. 123 on May 17th to pass this bill? Is this when Governor Ducey will announce his tax cut  in his budget proposal with the money that he saved by not paying the judgment Arizona owes to Arizona’s school districts? Are these Tea-Publicans really this contemptuous of the voters?

Hasn’t this den of thieves done enough damage already? Just pass the state budget and sine die already!

My sources tell me that there are actually three draft budgets, Governor Ducey’s proposal, and one from House Speaker David Gowan, who is running for Congress, and one from Senate President Andy Biggs, who is also running for Congress. Each of them wants to claim credit for the budget that is finally enacted to further their own political ambitions. What could possibly go wrong? This could turn into an extended pissing contest. Maybe the legislature will still be in session in May.

The only sure losers of this budget battle will be Arizona’s citizens.


  1. In my quest for great wealth, I was thinking about starting a megachurch, but that seems like a lot of work.

    Huge payoff, but working weekends? That’s not how I roll.

    Instead, I’ll be running for office in AZ as a GOTeaPer!

    Consider this…

    I won’t have to do any actual work to get elected, you know, stuff like raising money? Forget it, just take one big check from the Koch’s, let my SuperPAC run my campaign, hit Happy Hour and watch the landslide returns on the bar TV.

    Write legislation? Why on earth…. what are you even talking about?

    ALEC does all that for me!

    I will need to show up and vote for the Koch funded/ALEC written laws that legalize bribery, but after that, I’ll be taking the rest of the week off.

    I’ll need those extra days to count my bribe money and plan my free vacations!


    What else shall we legalize? Let’s open up the mic to some robbers and rapists and get their thoughts…

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