Bush Arrested By UN


Link: Bush Arrested By UN.

President Bush has been arrested just over an hour ago. The International Court of Justice in The Hague, Netherlands, put out a warrant for his arrest yesterday.

A Black Ops team, sanctioned by the UN, has entered the White House and arrested both President Bush and his wife Laura, who are currently being being deported to an undisclosed location.

“The team that came in and arrested the President overpowered the agents within minutes. It was quite embarrassing,” an anonymous source within the Secret Service said.

Apparently, no shots were fired, and the operation only took about ten minutes.

“This is an outrage!” Vice President Cheney said, just before he was wheeled away on a gurney, after a mild heart attack.

Mr. Dennis Hastert, Speaker of the House, is presumed to take over the Presidency while both the President and Vice President are incapacitated.

Witnesses saw a man and a woman being forced to enter a black helicopter on the front lawn of the White House, however, no official source has yet stated that these were in fact President Bush and the First Lady.

UN officials have stated that “this is the first step to address the illegal war and occupation of Iraq” but were reluctant to offer further details.

It is not clear when the trial against Bush, formally charged with starting an illegal war, will start, but preparations have been secretly underway for months.

A source withing the Administration commented on the arrest, "Well, it’s only common sense that the President would be arrested now; just look at the date…"


  1. What the bible says is, in effect, not more than an eye for an eye nor a tooth for a tooth. This was written at a time when it was usual and approved to take revenge at a rate much higher than a simple equivalence. It’s a civilizing thought – worth remembering.

  2. We know now Russia gave all the pre-war plans of the United States directly to Saddam before we invaded. Iam sure it involved messing up the plans to go through Turkey as well. For all we know The Russian KGB set up the Intelligence agencies of Germany, and England and The United States so they could not track what they were up to. We must have been on to something when Spain, Britian and The United States met in the Azores before the invasion with-out Russia. It is safe to say anything that was in Iraq either went to Russia or Iran with the help of Russia.
    Today Russia is helping Iran build its nuclear power plants and will not stop at any cost!
    Russia is not a friend and China is not a friend and we better get use to it. One can add 1+1=2 and see where Bin Laden is hiding evading our ground forces!
    Russia is selling China its Subs,Transport ships and Destroyers and training its Navy. I don’t think they are doing this just to have something to do!
    The United States is sidetracked with now (3) THREE WARS, the Pentagon can not handle more than three wars at any one time and they know it. Taiwan is next!

  3. The killings of innocent citizens in-country by the Government is called Capital Punishment, the killing of citizens of another Nation is called War.
    Both have Laws defining how to adjudicate them.
    Both these terms have been in our culture since Adam and Eve.
    In a perfect society both War and Captial Punishment would not be needed, but at this time the World is far from being a “Perfect Society.”
    As for President Bush, President Johnson, President Truman, and F.D.R.and Lincoln and all those involved in Wars that kill innocent people to protect its own against being killed , The United Nations was formed to put “Debate” into the mix, I if President would use The United Nations in every decision to go to War, combined with The Congress and scholars from across the Nation and around the World, if given the time, as was the case before we invaded Iraq the second time but not the first time when it took Kuwait,and bombed Isreal and Saudi Arabia.
    As for not killing anyone when attacked by another Nation is what “God” teaches in the Bible “Turn The Other Cheek” and “Vengence is mine, sayith the Lord.”
    Even in everyday life this is very hard to follow with out faith and a strong conviction. President Jimmy Carter said, “I kept you out of a War with Iran, because I did nothing,” it won him the Nobel Peace prize 30 years later but now look what we have, we may have kicked the can down the road but someone will pay for not dealing with the problem at the time. I do not think Military force is the answer and can’t figure out why the United Nations and our State Department did not stay with Iran , North Korea and keep up the dialouge. Talking is just as effective as War, and should be used as aggessively by our State Department as by our Department of Defense.
    In my heart I believe it is wrong to kill anyone for any reason, it is not our choice. But the Bible also states, “an eye for and eye and a tooth for a tooth,” giving us some direction other than killing.