Bush Outsources One More American Job to India

Bush is passionate about the benefits of outsourcing and globalization in general… on corporate profits and investor returns. In a bold, much more than symbolic move, Bush has decided to outsource his own job and become what he ws always best qualified to be – a manual laborer on an Indian farm.

Bush can be seen on the left congratulating Indian Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh as Dr. Singh takes over the Presidential podium and assumes his new duties doing the work of the President of the United States (though for constitutional reasons Bush retains the office – and 90% of the pay). Likewise, Bush can be seen on the right taking up his new duties under the supervision of the Indian peasant women whose family owns the farm on which Bush will now labor mindlessly 12 hours a day, 6 days a week for a bowl of gruel and and a place to sleep. Bush said of his new gig, "I never felt more at home than I do on this farm, up to my knees in Yak shit."

Bush says he’s elated about his new position in the world, and hopes that all Americans can also soon experience the wonderful benefits of outsourcing for themselves. Bush’s only lament was that he was heard to say, "Hey, ain’t ya got any brush needs clearin’ ’round here?"

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