Bush’s Authoritarian Cultists


BushgodToday there is only one blog post on the internet that has to be read, and it’s not this one, it’s Glenn Greenwald’s insightful questioning of whether Bush supporters have any ideology at all any more. Go read it. You won’t be sorry you did. You will be left with a firm conviction that those who support this President no longer can claim the label conservative with a straight face.

Go on. Really.

Ok. If you want a synopsis it’s this: to Bush’s authoritarian cultists you are only a conservative to the extent that your support Bush. The moment you question Bush’s on policy in any substantive way you become a ‘leberal’; and we all know there’s nothing worse you can be than that in America today – except, of course, a terrorist, and they suspect you of being one those, too. Bush’s ‘base’ has become nothing more or less than a cravenly self-interested elite looting the national interest and a rabid cult of personality driven by barely concealed hatred of anything that smacks of ‘the other’ (including Muslims, gays, immigrants, liberals and anyone foreign) and a seething frustration that rejects any limitation to Bush’s (and thus the institution of the Presidency’s) authority.

Well, there really is much more over at Glenn’s post. You need to go there now. And read the comments, too, there are some really doozies.

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