Business Roundtable supports raising taxes

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Whoa! Now this is news. The Business Roundtable, a reliable ally of the Tea-Publican Party and not known for being sympathetic towards Democratic tax proposals has come out in support of raising taxes. Oh noes! What is the Tax Fairy, Grover Norquist, going to do? The Wall Street Journal reported Top CEOs urge lawmakers to raise taxes:

The Business Roundtable, a group of the nation's top CEOs, Tuesday
urged lawmakers to consider raising taxes to avert the fiscal cliff, a
shift for business leaders who had previously said they wanted all tax
cuts extended for one year.

"We urge you to step forward and demonstrate that principled
compromise is once again possible and that the American political system
that underpinned the economic success of our nation and others can
function as designed," the group said in a letter to House and Senate
leaders. A similar letter was also sent to the White House. The chief
executives of Boeing Co., Dow Chemical Co., American Express Co. and
other large businesses signed the letters. […]

On Tuesday, Honeywell International Inc. Chief Executive David Cote
explained the Roundtable's change of heart: "We think that compromise
and showing our ability to govern is more important than sticking to any
particular ideological view."

Honeywell CEO Cote added, "We recognize that part of the solution has to be tax increases. That's the only thing that allows a reasonable compromise to be reached."

I guess the TanMan and the Septegenarian Ninja Turtle didn't read the Wall Street Journal or get the Business Roundtable's letter.

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  1. Of course they do. They pay no taxes and this is a tax on their competitors.