Countdown to the Health Insurance Marketplace

Posted by AzBlueMeanie:

Calendar-oneFor all the rabid mad dogs foaming at the mouth with insanity, the Tea-Publicans are not going to stop "ObamaCare" from coming with a government shutdown at Midnight tonight. They have deluded themselves into believing their own insane rhetoric.

The fact of the matter is, "ObamaCare" will continue even
Republicans force a government shutdown. Nonpartisan CRS Report: Obamacare Would Continue Even If Government Shuts Down:

A Monday report
conducted by the nonpartisan Congressional Research Service states that
the implementation of Obamacare would continue even if Republicans
forced a government shutdown by demanding to withhold the law's funding.

"It appears that substantial [Affordable
Care Act] implementation [would] continue during a lapse in annual
appropriations that resulted in a
temporary government shutdown," the report said.

Moreover, a government shutdown would not suspend the individual mandate requirement, according to the CRS.

These Tea-Publican economic terrorists are taking the
country hostage and threatening to blow up the economy and full faith and credit of
the United States to extort a ransom which will never be paid. There is
no end-game scenario in which they can achieve their stated goal. It is
an act of rage driven by madness.

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