Campaign ‘silly season’ – a comparison of driving records


We have entered the “silly season” of this campaign when manufactured non-scandal “scandals” get media attention that otherwise would never merit a story.

RedLightOn Monday the Arizona Republic, which just endorsed “Cathi’s Clown” Doug Ducey, the candidate from Koch for governor, ran this story: DuVal drove while his license was suspended. Not to be outdone, Howard Fischer, the water carrier for the GOP, did his own version of this story. DuVal license suspended after turn violation. Oy!

  • DuVal received a ticket in December for turning right on a red light without coming to a full stop, and a Redflex red-light camera captured the violation. DuVal received a ticket in the mail a short time later.
  • DuVal paid the $200 ticket.
  • DuVal went to driving school in August (but did not pay the $20 fee to reinstate his license).
  • DuVal called ADOT and said he went to the driver’s school and asked if he was OK to drive.” “The person on the phone told him yes. He went back to living his life and never thought about it.” (It is not explained why ADOT did not inform him of the $20 fee.)
  • DuVal only later learned that his license was suspended because he owed the $20 fee. He paid the fee.

No, really, this is the crime of the century that the feckless corporate media villagers are focused on in the last 24 hours.

If anything this should engender sympathy for Fred DuVal, because if there is one thing that we all can agree on it is that we hate those damn cameras.

I guess it’s a matter of timing. I told you about the driving record of the mythical moderate Republican Ethan Orr aka “E.Orr,” which is far more substantial than this one instance of turning right on red (something which I know that you have all done at one time or another) and it registered a yawn from the corporate media villagers. Hey, slow down there Speed Racer!:

A source who has conducted opposition research into E.Orr provided me with a copy of the report . . .

From the report:


Since 1997, Ethan Orr has been cited for:

  • 20 parking violations

  • 9 speeding tickets (including going 19mph over the speed limit in June of 2006)

    • at the intersection of Country Club and Blacklidge

    • at the intersection of Broadway and Craycroft

    • at the intersection of Oracle and River

    • at the intersection of Speedway and N Mc Kinley Ave

    • location given: 11Kino 4545, which I presume to be 4545 Kino Parkway

  • 4 instances of driving without proof of insurance

  • 3 instances of driving without current registration

In addition, Mr. Orr has been ordered 3 times to enroll and complete a Defensive Driving class. In the thirty citations occurring in the Tucson area alone, Mr. Orr has been fined over $3,000.

Where’s the media outrage over this? Or is a House race too inconsequential for the corporate media villagers? This comparison of driving records is a clear example of media bias.

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  1. I have to be honest, these driving record challenges sound rather important to me. After all, if they have problems driving, how can they possibly “steer” Arizona into the future?

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