Campaign to Cancel Christmas for Congress


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Follow-up to (Update) The 'less-than-do-nothing' Tea-Publican 112th Congress: Worst. Congress. Ever.

Screenshot from 2012-12-01 08:26:20With all of the political posturing and fear mongering going on over the so-called "fiscal cliff" austerity crisis in the news ginning up fears of a zombie apocalypse in January if we go over the "cliff" on New Year's Day, the public might like to know that Weeper of the House John Boehner and his "Number One" Eric Cantor have scheduled only eight (8) working days for the 112th Congress in the month of December.

That's right. Count, 'em. Eight. These clowns can't be serious.

Congress hasn't even enacted the appropriations bills needed to keep the government running. Status of Appropriations Legislation for Fiscal Year 2013 – THOMAS. There is also a backlog of other important legislation that this Congress has yet to vote upon.

And these clowns want to waste what precious little time they have left posturing before the tee-vee news cameras on the "fiscal cliff" austerity crisis negotiations?

You will notice that Boehner and Cantor propose to give the 112th Congress the holidays off, with a new Congress to be seated on January 3, 2013.

To which I say, "bullshit!" I am proposing a Campaign to Cancel Christmas for Congress. Make this lazy "less-than-do-nothing" Tea-Publican Congress stay in Washington and do the damn job that they are all collecting a paycheck and benefits from the American people to do. If these lazy good-for-nuthins think that they are going home for the holidays leaving the people's business unfinished — harming the economy and the American people — the American people should rise up in unison and tell them  "You're fired!" Don't bother coming back in January.

Contact your congress critter and senators now. Tell them "Ain't nobody going anywhere until you get the job done." Christmas (and New Year's, if necessary) is canceled for Congress. You work for me, and don't you ever forget it. I will fire your lazy good-for-nuthin' ass.

Weeper of the House John Boehner and his "Number One" Eric Cantor propose that the 113th Congress work even less than than the "less-than-do-nothing" Tea-Publican 112th Congress. Eric Cantor || Majority Leader || House Calendar:

I am pleased to release the 2013 Congressional Calendar for the U.S. House of Representatives. [Download One Pager PDF.]

[Notice only eight (8) working days scheduled for the 113th Congress in January, when the so-called "fiscal cliff" austerity crisis zombie apocolypse is supposed to occur. These clowns can't be serious.]

Part of our goal in scheduling the House is to ensure that we never lose
touch with the constituents we each represent while completing our work
in Washington.

Cantor is full-o-crap. The real reason is more time for working campaign donors for campaign contributions. Cantor is treating the American people as if we are all stupid.

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  1. Agreed!!!! It is worse than ludicrous and embarrassing to everyone who works – WORKS – for a living! When you consider what congresspersons are paid and the value of their perks, including awesome health insurance coverage not to mention a very attractive pension – I don’t now why citizens – people like me and you – aren’t rioting in the streets -at least figuratively speaking!!!