Can Christie Survive BridgeGate?


Posted by Bob Lord

No, I don't mean politically survive; I mean survive survive. 

Look, having your lies scrutinized is stressful stuff. You have to be really careful of everything you say. You have to worry about who might turn on you. You have to feign outrage at the actions you instructed your subordinates to take.

And it's extra stressful when you have Rachel Maddow scrutinizing everything you and anyone involved says. I'm watching her show as I write, and her dissection of Christie's actions is very, very good. 

This is not for the faint of heart. You better be in good shape going into a scandal like this one.

Scandals raise blood pressure, even if you start out with normal blood pressure.

Is Christie fit enough physically to get through this ordeal?  

I'll confess. I've been enjoying watching Christie try to wriggle out of the jam he got himself into, being near certain he can't survive politically. 

But now, I'm just hoping it ends soon. I'm concerned if it goes on much longer Christie may implode — literally.

Maddow is killing it. I often disagree with her politically, but she's one damn good investigative journalist.