Candidate challenges update: Shaw out, Cheuvront out; Huppenthal in

Posted by Craig McDermott

Only a couple of challenges remain unresolved, but most of the "big" ones have been adjudicated –

– Augustus Shaw, Republican House candidate in LD17, is OFF the ballot for a minor technicality – he lives in LD20. OK, so that's not so minor. 🙂

– John Huppenthal, Republican candidate for State Superintendent of Public Instruction is ON the ballot after a judge found that even though the applicable law states that a candidate must form a campaign committee before collecting nomination signatures, the fact that Huppenthal collected sigs under only an "exploratory" committee is not a violation.

– Democrat Ken Cheuvront, a term-limited state senator (LD15) and candidate for Justice of the Peace in the Encanto justice precinct in Phoenix, is OFF of the ballot for using non-partisan petitions to gain the ballot in a partisan primary. His removal from the ballot leaves only incumbent Encanto JP C. Steven McMurry on the ballot.

There are a couple of challenges remaining; once those are heard next week, the final list of ballot-qualified candidates will be available.

0 responses to “Candidate challenges update: Shaw out, Cheuvront out; Huppenthal in

  1. You are correct. The resign-to-run law has effectively been rendered null and void by the legal opinion from the Pima County Attorney’s office earlier this year. Now the Superior Court, for the second time, has disregarded the statutory construction delineating a distinction between an exploratory committee and a candidate committee. After these legal opinions, an elected official may form an exploratory committee and begin collecting petition signatures to run for another office at any time, apparently. Why even have laws if the courts are not going to enforce them?

  2. Isn’t this a blatant case of Huppenthal attempting an end run around resign-to-run rules? I am thinking that any activity from early 2009 should be suspect, especially when he was allowed to get petitions signed to run for a different elected office while still in his current position.

  3. Sharon Spane, Democrat LD 21 House, and Joe Sweeney, Republican Congressional District 7 are the only remaining challenges.