Cap’n Al Melvin runs into reality, goes down with his ship


Oh Noes! Cap’n Al Melvin of the S.S. Tea Party ran into reality,  and is going down with his ship. Melvin leaves race for Governor:

SinkingShipState Senator Al Melvin is dropping out of the race for Governor, conceding he doesn’t have enough $5 donations to qualify for Clean Elections funding.

He needed 4,500 separate contributions, but Melvin declined say how many his campaign had on hand.

The former state senator said in a prepared release that his campaign failed to resonate with voters, hinting a fierce GOP primary could allow a “liberal” to win the party’s nomination. [If there were one in the race; there is not.]

“I am at peace with the decision because in spite of our efforts we were not going to be able to win the race,” he wrote. “No one who believes in our shared conservative values wants to see conservatives split the vote and allow a liberal to claim our party’s nomination.”

Melvin pledges he will continue to fight for conservative values.

“Our cause is more important than any one person. For that reason it is time to end this particular campaign. But this is not the end of our fight for secure borders, high Arizona education standards instead of Common Core, tax relief, Texas-style Tort Reform, Universal School Vouchers, an energy policy that addresses Arizona’s long-term needs and economic health, and more,” he said.

Rejoice! We will still have Cap’n Al to kick around some more in the future.


  1. I’m glad to know that the taxpayers won’t be funding his campaign. He’s an awful, hateful man.

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